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In addition to the full-time diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases and acute illnesses for chronically ill patients, it is also hoped to establish a “long-term care medical network for the elderly” in Taoyuan City as a hospital for the long-term care of the nursing home, etc.; and planning the hospital to vertically integrate hospitals and maintenance The bilateral resources of the organization are engaged in the services, teaching and research of long-term care for the elderly; after the hospital is opened, it plans to implement the "full responsibility care" system.

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Armfulcare Medical Features

Armfulcare Hospital plans to develop the Kidney Urinary Characteristic Center, the Cardiovascular Characteristic Center and the High-end Health Inspection Characteristic Center as medical features to serve the public.

Armfulcare Service Project

Armfulcare includes computerized tomography and various tests to provide a complete medical environment

Armfulcare caring service

Warm and warm service has always been the corporate culture of Armfulcare, and it is also the soft power widely praised by patients or their families;